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Power of Attorney for property/Finance Mississauga

A power of attorney, for property/finance is a legal document  that permits one person to act on behalf of another in business, personal concerns, or various other financial  related situations. The person being authorized is known as the agent or attorney, while the person authorizing is known as the power's principal, grantor, or donor. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend local laws before making decisions because each province and region has its own rules. Everyone should obtain a power of attorney for property in Mississauga regardless of age or circumstance.

Choosing the right individual to act as your attorney is a critical decision, as you must have complete trust in the person or persons chosen. It is crucial to understand that the selected individual will have the right to manage your assets and money without your consent. 

There are typically four e  types of powers of attorney for property/finance in Mississauga, Canada:


  • a springing, power of attorney

  • enduring or continuing power of attorney

  • general power of attorney

  • asset specific power of attorney

Kulbak Trust specializes in acting as your attorney under any powers of attorney for property/finance scenario.  Additionally, Kulbak Trust is willing to be designated in a power of attorney for property/finance  document as an alternate or monitor.

Why Make an Attorney-in-Fact?

If you don't have a power of attorney for property in Mississauga, no one will immediately be able to manage your financial affairs or make choices for you if you become incapacitated during your lifetime. Consider a scenario in which you want to sell your local home but need to reside overseas for an extended period of time. An attorney under a Power of Attorney for Property/Finance can sell your home and take care of the entire transaction on your behalf.y. A power of attorney for property in Mississauga can allow another person to handle financial matters e. 


There may occasionally be disagreements over the legality of a power of attorney or the handling of an incompetent person's estate by an attorney. The Kulbak Trust Solutions can assist you because we have great expertise in these kinds of estate dispute cases and power of attorney for property in Mississauga. 

Power of Attorney for Personal Care Mississauga  


A power of attorney for personal care in Mississauga is a legal authorization that designates another person (the attorney) to act on someone else's behalf in case of incapacitation of the donor. Powers of attorney may be quite practical and flexible. If you cannot make choices for yourself, a power of attorney for personal care gives a person you trust the legal ability to act on your behalf. If you are sick or hurt in the future, it safeguards your interests while you can still handle your affairs. When you are unable to, your power of attorney for personal care in Mississauga manages your care. 


Contact Kulbak Trust Solutions online to learn more about powers of attorney and how we can assist you.

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