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Tax planning is a collaborative skill, with input required from family members, advisors, and legal and personal representatives. Kulbak Trust assists in the development of the tax plan and  structure, and is capable of preparing the required tax returns and forms. By taking a proactive approach to trust and estate planning, our firm can assist in meeting your living and post-mortem tax objectives.

Team Meeting
Team Meeting

Services Provided

The tax services performed include but are not limited to:

  • Tax and Estate Planning

  • Preparing trust returns for estates and families

  • Preparing trust slips (T3s and summary)

  • Preparing Personal Income Tax and Terminal Returns

  • Corresponding with tax authorities

  • Considering non-resident tax issues

  • Filing foreign property reporting, multi-jurisdictional tax returns and tax elections

  • Post mortem tax planning

Professional Executor

Power of Attorney


Litigation Trustee

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