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Professional Executor Mississauga  

An executor is a person legally responsible for handling all the administrative tasks necessary to ensure that the provisions of your will are carried out and that the beneficiaries receive their just compensation. 


It is a tremendous honor to appoint a loved one as your professional estate executor. However, it may also be a weighty responsibility. Without prior expertise or instruction, an executor must deal with the probate process, inventory the estate, settle debts, distribute assets, and communicate with attorneys and accountants. 


A professional executor Mississauga relieves the hardship on family members. The executor serves as an impartial third-party expert, saving your estate thousands of dollars in fees while relieving them from unimaginable amounts of anguish. 


Choose Kulbak Trust, your professional executor Mississauga to receive the following benefits:  

  • Complete estate planning and settlement services from renowned professionals 

  • Savings on settlement costs of tens of thousands of dollars 

  • Open and honest dialogue with the recipients 

  • Spare your loved ones from long hours of labor so they may grieve at their own pace. 


When the time comes, Kulbak Trust will take on the role of your executor of estate Mississauga, saving your estate thousands of dollars in accounting and legal expenses and relieving your loved ones of the difficult and stressful task of administering the estate. 

Personal Representative/ Estate Trustee Mississauga  

The situation of a dear one passing away can be daunting and overwhelming. During these times, it is important to have someone who can manage the process of estate handling efficiently. By having a personal representative, an estate representative administers the estate following the directions given in the will.  

Although legally speaking, the words are different. An estate representative may also be referred to as an executor, estate trustee, or liquidator. You can designate more than one individual as your estate representative, such as a relative or a financial expert. The provincial court will appoint someone to handle your estate if you don't designate one or don't have an executor of will, Mississauga. 

Estate Risk Assessment Mississauga  

Our specialists discuss estates with customers that are thought to be at risk. They explore the importance of human nature in estate conflicts and explain if they can spot estates where an administrative error is likely to happen. A thorough examination of the particular areas of worry that, in our experience, have been the catalysts for future legal and administrative issues for the executor. 


Similarly, all areas of risk management are taken into consideration. All the original documents along with a signature are required to assess the proper details.  

Asset/Property/Business Inventory Mississauga


A professional executor in Mississauga will do a thorough asset, property, and company inventory.  
It will help to detect any possible issues during the executor's estate administration, which further clarifies your ultimate goals and assists in creating an action plan to fill in any gaps.  


The professional estate executor will compile the data and use digital resources to monitor assets and liabilities with ease. They keep all the records handy, up-to-date and secured in a safe place. The information includes banking information, insurance policies, photographs and other critical information regarding your assets, properties and business details. 


For more assistance with asset, property or business inventory, speak with a professional estate executor with regard to your situation.  


Will Intake Preparation Mississauga  

If you don't have a legal will, we will gather all the relevant data, including specific bequests, for you to give to your estate and will lawyer. Our professional will executor Mississauga will make an exhaustive list to use as a starting point as you select who receives what as a will can cover any real and personal property of the testator. 


Also, if you do not have a will, depending on the location and province where you live will decide how your property is divided. At Kulbak Trust Solutions, our professional will executors in Mississauga are ready to assist you. The entire will preparation process will be made quick, easy and hassle-free. They will make sure that there is no ambiguity in statements and that provisions are crystal clear, leading to no interpretation problems.     



Estate Risk Mitigation Mississauga


Taking up the role of a real estate ‘executor’ or ‘administrator’ of an estate demands a wealth of experience and knowledge. At Kulbak Trust Solutions, we help our clients with professional executor services in Mississauga. As an executor of estate in Mississauga, we assist our clients at every step of the optimal administration of an estate. This includes locating wills, safeguarding assets, entire documentation process to seek court permission for the appointment of a personal representative.  


Furthermore, in our professional executor services in Mississauga, we incorporate assistance in dealing with income taxes. It also includes estate liabilities, preparing and clearing the personal representative’s accounts and addressing the asset distribution process (including transfers). 


Certainly, our services as an executor of estate in Mississauga include validation of wills, counseling on the estate administration process and communication with beneficiaries. It also includes filing wills, handling the debt and documentation work. One of the most critical aspects of our professional executor services in Mississauga includes estate risk mitigation advice. We also draft and send the necessary documents and releases to the beneficiaries. 


We are here to help you at every stage of estate risk mitigation planning. Contact us on 416.902.4305 to schedule a primary consultation. 

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