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TRUST - Belief in the reliability, truth,

ability, or strength of someone




Kulbak Trust Solutions ("Kulbak Trust") is a privately-owned trust organization that provides executor, power of attorney, trust and estate administration and taxation services exclusively.  Deposits are not taken. Technical expertise, independence and personalized service make Kulbak Trust stand out among fiduciary services firms.

Trust & Estate Professional


My Story


I have worked as a Finance, Tax and Accounting professional for over 25 years and within this time frame I have been a CFO, Executor, Trustee, Officer, Director and executive responsible for financial stewardship for a number of organizations and trusts.  In these roles I was the individual accountable for safeguarding assets, financial decision-making, and tax planning, as well as ensuring that distributions were in accordance with agreements.  I have been a speaker, instructor and author, and I continue to lecture on finance, tax and accounting to CPA students. As a compliance professional, I have led the Practice Quality Review Committee for public accounting professionals, and have been a peer review auditor.  My personal belief is that we should always work hard and smart, but take time to laugh!

Why Kulbak TRUST?

Expertise and Execution

 In-depth and vetted knowledge of the estate planning and trust process. Deep understanding of reporting requirements, tax strategies and structures, with a proven ability to execute.  Our differentiator? Exemplary technical skills coupled with the ability to effectively apply them to your current situation and implement them efficiently.

Trusted Advisor

The essential characteristic of an executor, power of attorney, trustee and personal representative is that they must be trustworthy.  This is our defining trait, and it is why our family name accompanies the word TRUST.  We express this trait throughout every engagement. As an independent firm with no inherent conflicts of interest, our firm is not striving to meet a revenue quota or abide by a financial institution's cross-selling mandate.  Rather, our focus is making optimal, timely decisions, abiding by your wishes, and providing a regular communication protocol that satisfies all stakeholders.        


Our focus is trust and estate services, and our service offerings cater to this specialization.  Accordingly, our clients can select their service partners including investment managers, financial institutions, lawyers, and accountants.  As an independent professional, I can monitor their performance and be the check and balance to ensure your mandate is being achieved.

Proffessional Services

Our flexible business approach allows us to adapt each administration to the specific needs of our client and their families.  Traditionally, we can complete much of the legwork on administrative items such as tax filings and passing of accounts, while clients benefit from our efficiencies due to our specialization. Additionally, our relationships with other service providers can result in incremental effectiveness and cost savings

Why Kulbak TRUST?
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